FAST Arizona Sports Training Athlete of the Month

Post attributed to Kyle Decker, FAST Facility Manager, ATC, CSCS (Arrowhead location).

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Kyle Decker, ATC, CSCS, and Facility Manager at our Arrowhead location, has worked with a wide range of athletes to help them achieve their goals, including major and minor league baseball players and the Phoenix Suns. At our facility, he has been working with Ken W., FAST’s athlete of the month.

Ken W. has been training exclusively with FAST Arrowhead for four months. In this time, he has committed to competing in the Highland Games Tucson, and has set his sights on other upcoming games. These are traditional Scottish strength competitions, and in the past few months Ken has shown great gains that will definitely help him be a successful participant.

When Ken started training with FAST, his one rep max dead lift was 185 pounds and his max single arm chest press was 50 pounds. He also lacked the mobility needed to move into the proper positions required by his sport. Ken knew that FAST was the right place to assist him, a 51-year-old athlete, with improving his power and strength.

Ken trains with FAST twice a week, where a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist builds a specific program for his chosen sport. Ken is a lifelong athlete who has participated in triathlons, competitive cycling and lacrosse. As many athletes experience, Ken has had a few injuries along the way. He wanted to train with coaches that understood his past injuries, knew how to prevent further ones, and were able to push him to the level of competition he wanted to achieve for himself. This led him to FAST Arrowhead.

After 4 months of training, Ken’s one rep max deadlift is 270 pounds and his one rep max single arm press is 100 pounds. His overall mobility has also greatly improved. Everyone at FAST Arrowhead is extremely excited to see Ken compete in his first Highland Games!




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