Fitness Myths Debunked



Some women shy away from workouts that include weight training for fear that they will lose their feminine physique for a bulky muscular look. This is a very common misconception and is in most cases quite the opposite. In all actuality, “weight training will help you lose more fat than you’ll gain in muscle,” (William J. Kraemer, PHD). After years of research and studies involving thousands of women, physicians have found results to support that on average, women who train two to three times per week will gain about 1.75 pounds of lean muscle and lose about 3.5 pounds of fat. Women typically do not gain size from strength training but instead increase their metabolism so they will burn more calories throughout the entire day. The more muscle you gain the more calories you burn. So in reality, strength training is proven to be a crucial piece to losing weight and keeping it off. Although you may be able to lose weight by consuming less food and eating healthier, your body will also begin to lose muscle mass and your metabolism will begin to slow, making it more difficult to keep the weight off. A Harvard study also found that lifting weights has reduced clinical depression and can be more successful than standard counseling. Our staff here at Foothills Acceleration and Sports Training highly recommends strength training for women and work with our clients daily to achieve all of their fitness goals.




Gold cannot turn to silver, nor can muscles turn to fat. They are made of two entirely different cells and although it may feel as though muscle has turned to fat when we exercise less, it is simply not true. So what does happen when we stop exercising and start putting our favorite television shows first? Our muscles begin to atrophy making them softer to the touch, seeming similar to the look and feel of fat. In addition, when people become less active they tend to slack in their eating habits as well. This will lead to weight gain and in combination with the weakening muscles will decrease metabolism. As you begin to strengthen again, the muscle will eventually firm up and metabolism will increase.




“Spot Reduction” is a common misconception and an often argued concept; however most research has shown that targeted fat loss does not work. The fat contained in fat cells, known as triglycerides, cannot be directly used by muscles as energy. The fat must first be broken down into glycerol and free fatty acids and then enter the blood stream.  As a result, it can be coming from anywhere in your body, not just the part being worked. Additionally, most of the common exercises used in spot reduction will not burn as many calories as a full body workout and weight loss will take longer. At FAST, we use High Intensity Interval Training (alternating between high and low intensity exercise) as an effective way to burn more calories. This in combination with strengthening will help you achieve the fit look and feel you want.


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