Find the Right Workout for You

If you wish to change your workout routine, fitness physical therapy and finding the right workout is most essential. Chandler physical therapy recommends choosing a workout plan to fulfill your desired goals.

Foothills’ FAST program is the best way to keep your goals on track. FAST or Foothills Acceleration & Sports Training is the premier fitness physical therapy program at Foothills, emphasizes strength training, sports acceleration, and above all else, the determination it takes to achieve life-changing exercise goals.

With Sports Acceleration, Personal Training, and Group Training programs FAST offers something for everyone.

Before you jump into a new workout routine you should sit down with a FAST personal trainer and consider what you want your desired results to be. Is your goal to lose weight, improve performance and endurance, improve flexibility, or just improve your overall health?

Here are a few FAST programs we recommend for each fitness goal.

Losing weight:

HIT or High Intensity Training through FAST is excellent for burning calories and helping you reach your maximum safe heart rate. FAST provides multiple high intensity training programs that will help you stay focused and achieve your desired results.

Take part in our sports performance programs, aimed to give you a leg up on the competition and the winning edge in whatever sport you want to master. Or try out our unlimited small group training class for adults looking to achieve their fitness goals. This program is designed and modified for individuals of all levels to ensure the best possible workout at our Litchfield Park location.

Performance and Endurance:

The best exercise program for improving performance and endurance it the FAST boot camp. At the South Chandler location boot camps are designed for the challenge-seeking female who wants to improve her health, fitness, strength and body in fast-paced workouts utilizing free weights, bands, and balls.

These boot camps are a great full body workout. Chandler physical therapy offers FAST boot camp classes at various times Monday through Saturday.

Flexibility and Overall Health:

If you are looking to improve your overall health the routine with the most physical benefit is Yoga. Although Yoga won’t help you lose a large amount it is beneficial for the mind, body, and soul. It promotes balance, flexibility, posture, and good mental health.

If you desire balance in your life and your body yoga is definitely something to consider. The focus on your back, shoulders, glutes and hamstrings is what makes yoga so valuable. Not to mention it is very relaxing when you need to release some stress and find your center.

Yoga classes are offered at FAST Old Town Scottsdale on Saturday mornings! Sign up and get more information, here.

For more information on regular exercise Chandler physical therapy, visit us at or schedule an assessment with a qualified certified personal trainer today!

Image: Lyn Tally

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