Keeping Young Athletes Healthy

In today’s competitive athletic world you need an edge to set yourself apart from the rest – you need speed, agility, power and strength. You need experts in sports and pt. The Foothills Acceleration and Sports Training or FASTProgram is here to help you reach your highest potential. From young, developing athletes and peak performing professionals, to recreational “weekend warriors,” everyone can benefit from FAST training.

Our athletic training program is designed to give athletes the upper hand in developing athletic muscles that will help you to meet and exceed your goals as an athlete. By specifically utilizing the Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Phoenixathletic training program you will gain a greater sense of your athletic skills by strengthening areas such as your strength and stamina.

Take part in our sports performance programs, aimed to give you a leg up on the competition and the winning edge in whatever sport you want to master.

It is especially important to stay in top physical shape during the off-season so why not maintain and improve your abilities with FAST. Participants in the FAST program claim to have improved immensely in their specific sport and honed in on new skills.

“I am honored to say I have been trained by FAST. FAST has trained me to be a great athlete. I never thought I would be able to be a starter on Varsity as a Junior. FAST made me so much stronger and faster. FAST improved my speed, agility, strength and power. FAST has made me onto the athlete I am today. Thank you FAST,” said Michael P. a varsity football player, who used our Arrowhead facility.  

The first step to improvement is taking initiative to get training help and then create a program that will improve your skills.

The FAST program is effective and flexible, work with our certified strength and conditioning specialists on your own turf with your own team. Come up with a program that works for you with one of our FAST managers and we will come to you.

Sign up now for the FAST Summer Acceleration Program! Help improve your game on every level.

For more information on training for sports and pt, visit us at or schedule an assessment with a qualified certified trainer today!

Image: Tré Hinojosa

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