How Your Friends Can Help You with Your Health Goals


With fall weather just around the corner for Phoenix, many of us are excited to get back on the hiking trails, taking our pets for walks or simply, enjoying patio weather. But did you know that your friends can play a role in helping you reach your health goals? Read on to learn more, as we’re diving into this topic today—so don’t forget to forward this to your fitness bestie.


Your Friends Can Hold You Accountable

Let’s say your health goal this fall is to do a group fitness class 3x a week. Chances are, you’ll be way more likely to attend those classes if you have a friend (or two) joining you. Over time, you’ll be used to going to classes weekly—making it a habit that you’ll not want to miss.


Social Outings and Staying on Track

If your friends know about your health goals they’ll be there to cheer you on. So if you’re planning to do happy hour on Friday night, they can help you stick to a healthier cocktail or a low-calorie beer vs. derailing your hard work at the gym. And they’ll probably be willing to wake up on Saturday morning for a group hike at Camelback.


Your Friends Can Provide Support

It can be easy to share when your health goals are going good—but not as easy to share when you’re struggling. By talking with your friends about the ups and downs, they can help you stay motivated—even through the tough times.


Here at FAST, we offer semi-private personal training sessions that are perfect for those close-knit friends who want to motivate each other and work out together. Not to mention, it’s a less expensive option that one-on-one personal training. If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to learn about your health goals. Schedule a FREE assessment today!

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