Heading Back to Athletic Training When You are Sick: A Do or Don’t?

When you are recovering from an illness, it is important to consider whether it is a good idea to continue your athlete training in Phoenix. It depends on how you feel, so make sure you are listening to your body.  According to Livestrong, “You can do a moderate work out if you’re ailing from the common cold, allergies or have other symptoms that affect your head, as long as the symptoms don’t include a fever. If you feel up to exercise, it’s not bad to work out if you have a stuffy nose, watery eyes or other cold or allergy-induced symptoms. Although working out won’t make your cold or allergies disappear any quicker, it won’t make them worse or prolong your sickness. Stick to moderate activity, such as walking, and reduce your weight training load by 25 percent to give your body a break during its illness.”

If your symptoms feel more like flu symptoms or otherwise hit below the neck, you are probably better off skipping the gym, staying in bed, and putting off your Phoenix athletic training until you’re feeling better. Your immune system is already weak and your body needs all of your energy to recover. “Symptoms that require rest include aching muscles, fever, fatigue, swollen glands and nausea. Particularly avoid strength training if you have the flu, because your body is using all its energy to fight off the virus. Lifting weights can make your immune system less efficient and even make you sicker than you already are.”

Another important factor to consider, especially if you are a member of a public gym, is common courtesy. The common cold is highly contagious. A cold virus, which infects your body after entering your nose or mouth, can spread when you sneeze, cough or even talk. It also spreads germs by hand when you touch someone or something — like a weight bench or machine. Warn people that you have a cold, and refrain from sneezing and coughing on fellow gym members.

Lastly, take into consideration that your overall fitness level is not going to take a nosedive just because you missed a few days or even weeks of working out. If you do decide to strap on those running shoes and get back to your Phoenix athletic training, start slowly and keep your first week of exercise at a moderate level. Never work out if you have a fever, as doing so can cause heatstroke and even kidney failure. To learn more tips from Foothills professionals or to learn more about athlete training in Phoenix, visit our website at www.fast-training.com.

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