How Phoenix Personal Training & Kettlebells Can Improve Strength

Post Attributed to Jason Brison, M.A., CSCS, HKC (Arrowhead Location).

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Jason Brison is a former Division 1 athlete and certified strength and conditioning specialist. He is also a Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified Instructor (HKC), and is here today to explain how using kettlebells during your workout can be beneficial to your performance.

Kettlebell use has grown significantly in gyms across the United States over the past decade, and it has been emerging as a popular form of exercise. Kettlebells can be used to perform a movement known as a Russian kettlebell swing, which (if done correctly) can lead to significant improvements in your health and athletic performance.

A Russian kettlebell swing is a simple yet effective movement. It involves holding a kettlebell, squatting and swinging it between your legs, and then standing and swinging it straight up until the kettlebell is in front of your chest. These are some of the exercise’s numerous benefits:

Rapid Fat loss

Kettlebell swings are a ballistic movement, meaning your muscles contract for a brief period of time but at a maximum level of speed and acceleration. This will increase your heart rate, allowing you to enter the fat-burning heart rate zone more quickly than by doing traditional, long-distance cardio workouts. Kettlebell swings provide the same benefits as exercises like running, without having a harsh impact on your joints. This is a bonus for clients who do not enjoy running or have an injury that limits running ability.

Power and Strength

Kettlebell swings help increase power and strength simultaneously by engaging your entire body in the movement. As you are squeezing your muscles to propel the kettlebell up (increasing power), you also have to stabilize your body (improving strength) so you have proper balance, decreasing risk of injury.


After you’ve received instruction from a trainer about how to correctly perform the kettlebell swings, you will realize that you are able to move more efficiently while handling the load of the kettlebell, which will help increase performance and decrease chance of injury. Kettlebell swings promote lean muscle mass growth and increased mobility, so you will soon notice that nagging pain or injury you’ve experienced during other workouts will start to dwindle and disappear.

Russian kettlebell swings can be a great exercise to enhance your health and athletic performance, and to rehabilitate any lingering injuries. The benefits gained from incorporating kettlebells into your workout routine will help you to accomplish your training goals. If you are interested in learning more about how to optimize your exercise regimen, contact FAST training today.

Jason Brison

MA, CSCS | Arrowhead

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