How to Stay Motivated

Here at Foothills, our experienced physical trainers and Phoenix sports medicine professionals know that sticking to a fitness plan can be a challenging feat. From carpool to last minute meetings, from long days at work to social obligations, making time for the gym – let alone a regular exercise regimen – isn’t easy.

But where should you look when you’re looking for that extra kick of motivation? How can you be sure that you’ll start a plan and stick with it?

Start Slow

The best place to start is always at the beginning. Whether you’ve tried to keep up with a routine in the past or this will be your first time with a new regimen, don’t rush in. Instead, keep a calendar or a journal and write down your goals for every week. Though it might be tempting to throw yourself into it, start with only 3-4 days of exercise a week. By pushing yourself too much in the beginning, you not only run the risk of injury, you run the risk of becoming burnt out.

 Make Exercise a Habit

Once you’ve started, don’t stop. If you’re having trouble along the way, pull out your calendar and make a mark on Day 21. Though some question the validity to the three-week mark as a magic number, it’s been speculated that it takes 21 days of a new routine to establish a habit. In the end, one thing is for certain: the longer you stick with your routine, the easier it will be to follow. Reach that three-week goal and don’t stop!

Don’t Do it Alone

When you make your plan and set your goal, be vocal about it! Many people tend to keep their fitness goals to themselves, but in doing so, internal motivation will be the only motivation you can rely on. Instead, tell your family, tell your friends, tell your little ones; by going public with your goals, you’ll be broadening your support base and increasing your chances of sticking with your plan.

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