Incorporating Outdoor Activities to Reach Your Fitness Goals

October is here—which means Phoenicians are flocking outdoors (with open arms) to welcome the cooler temps. At FAST, we encourage our personal training clients take full advantage of the beautiful weather by adding in a few outdoor workouts or recovery sessions to their week. Read on to get some outdoor workout inspiration from a few of our FAST facility managers.

Tip #1
Travis C., FAST South Chandler facility manager opens up the garage doors for early morning workouts to get the cool, crisp fresh air rolling in. So if you’re a morning person, take full advantage of these sessions!

He also encourages his clients to try a new hike or outdoor activity each weekend. There’s so many hikes throughout the valley or within an hour’s drive, so it’s the perfect excuse to explore.

You may not have time for a hike during the week, so Travis suggests taking a walk each day, either in the morning or evening. This is a great way to de-stress and get more steps in for the day. And it sure beats sitting all day at work and then getting home and plopping down in front of the TV or smart phone.

Tip #2
Kyle Decker, FAST Arrowhead facility mangers encourages his clients to find something outside that they love to do. Phoenix offers an array of hikes, and hiking adds cardiovascular work while keeping the difficulty level appropriate for each individual. Not to mention, the views are hard to beat!

Tip #3
Nate Souza, FAST N. Central facility manager recommends outdoor games such as Frisbee and sand volleyball. These can be incorporated into your workouts, and provide not only great exercise, but also a great time with friends. Now that the cooler temps are finally here, it’s the perfect time to capitalize on all the outdoor fun here in Phoenix.

We want to know, what’s your go-to way to incorporate outdoor activities to help reach your fitness goals? Connect with us on Instagram to share your favorite outdoor activity. And if you’re ready to add personal training or group fitness into your routine, schedule a FREE assessment with any of our valleywide FAST locations today.

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