Thanksgiving Day Total Body Workout

In case you overdo it on the turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes this Thanksgiving, we have the perfect Thanksgiving Day workout for you! This total body workout will help you torch calories and burn off that extra piece of pie, keeping you on track for your fitness goals.


Turkey Triceps Dips – 100 Reps

Mashed Potato Med Ball Slams – 200 Reps

Cranberry Sauce Crunches – 200 Reps

Green Bean Casserole Glute Raises – 100 Reps

Sweet Potato Sumo Squats – 150 Reps

Dinner Rolls Rows – 100 Reps (Each Side)

Bread Stuffing Shoulder Presses – 100 Reps

Pecan Pie Push Ups – 100 Reps

Pumpkin Pie Planks – 5 Minutes

Wine Drinkers Weighted Walks – 5 Laps

Total Reps Completed: 1,060 (not including seconds)

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