Top Post-Workout Recovery Snacks

Refueling your body after a grueling workout is important. Eating right after a workout may seem counterintuitive, but it’s actually a must! Nutrients are essential in helping the body replenish lost energy while also helping repair muscles. At a loss on what to eat (or drink) after your workout? Check out these top picks from our FAST facility managers.


Kyle Schneider, facility manager at FAST Ahwatukee

Post-Workout Pick: A glass of chocolate milk. It offers a good ration of carbohydrates to protein for muscle repair and energy restoration. It’s more easily digested than supplements and helps to satisfy your sweet cravings. Just remember…portion control!


Kyle Decker, facility manager at FAST Arrowhead

Post-Workout Pick: An apple with NuttZo seven nut and seed butter. Protein and nutrients assist in building muscle tissue, as well as replenishing energy, so it’s important to get a snack in after a hard workout. Apples offer sweetness and a nice crunch. The Nuttzo seven nut and seed butter is 190 calories per serving and 6g of protein. They also offer single packets, so it’s easy to transport and enjoy on-the-go.


Brandon Wood, facility manager at FAST Litchfield Park

Post-Workout Pick: I usually reach for a protein bar or protein shake for my post-workout snack. My favorite protein is Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein which offers 24g of protein per scoop. To make the shake even better, I put in PBFit, spinach and a banana. It’s the perfect mixture of protein, nutrients and satisfying flavor.


Nate Souza and Shane Anderson, facility managers at FAST N. Central Phoenix

Post-Workout Pick: An organic rice cake with organic jam spread on it, along with a protein shake is a great way to suppress cortisol. Foods with higher glycemic indexes and low fructose content help with this. The protein shake will help build and repair muscle.


Jonathan Castillo, facility manager at FAST Tempe

Post-Workout Pick: My post-workout snack is typically Oikos Greek yogurt. It’s high in protein (22g/8oz) and digests easily, which helps in kick starting the recovery process after an intense workout.


Greg Stein, facility manager at FAST N. Scottsdale

Post-Workout Pick: Immediately after a workout I consume one scoop of Raw Fusion vegan protein powder and a banana. This provides me with quality plant based protein filled with tons of micronutrients and enough quick digesting carbs to kick start the recovery process.


Wade Haras, facility manager at FAST Old Town Scottsdale

Post-Workout Pick: I like Albacore tuna packets because they are convenient and don’t go bad in the pouch. It’s beneficial to eat a concentrated source of protein quickly after the workout so that the body (but mostly your muscles) can start the recovery process for the next workout. There are about 35 grams of protein and negligible fats and carbs per packet, making it a great post-workout snack.


Travis Cummings, facility manager at FAST S. Chandler

Post-Workout Pick: My favorite post-workout snack is a shake with Thrive. Another great option is sweet potato. Just pop it in the microwave for a few minutes and you have a healthy carb to replenish the glycogen stores you just depleted.


Glenn Steele, facility manager at S. Gilbert

Post-Workout Pick: Rockin Refuel protein fortified chocolate milk is a great post-workout drink. It has 20g of protein, it’s inexpensive and tastes great!


David Flanigan, facility manager at FAST Surprise

Post-Workout Pick: The first thing I consume after a workout is a whey protein drink. I prefer whey protein because it digests and absorbs quickly! It’s important to find one that offers a protein/carb ratio of 1:3. To make, I mix 20-25 grams with 20 ounces of water. I also drink about 20 ounces of Gatorade too, which helps with getting my carbohydrate requirement.


Jeff Bloom, FAST Program Director

Post-Workout Pick: Cottage cheese with blueberries. The combo tastes good and gives you a great mix of protein, fat and carbs. If you had a very strenuous or long workout put it on a piece of whole wheat toast for increased carbs.


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