Workout Splits for Working Out Two Days a Week

The average client works out two to three times a week. During these workouts, we split the body in order to avoid overuse injuries or overall fatigue from doing the same exercise, or working the same muscles, over and over again. Workout splits are extremely important in order to maximize the results of weekly exercise. Splitting your workout regimen ensures a balanced program and allows certain muscles to recover while others work.

First, we screen for injuries to ensure you are able to workout safely. We then determine your goals and reasons for beginning a workout regimen. Our well-structured, individualized programs are based off of these, and several other, markers. One of the most often overlooked markers is often the most important in determining how to split your workouts: how often can you exercise?

Below are three splits we recommend for working out two days a week.


All six options are examples of effective training regimens. When starting out, a trainer will typically keep you on one option for three to four weeks, and then will either switch you to another training split or continue with the routine you’ve established. The option right for you is typically based off of what days of the week you are able to come in, in combination with other factors that your FAST trainer can help determine. For example, Option 1 would be optimal for a client only available twice a week, with multiple days in between their workouts, completing “A” workouts on Mondays and “B” workouts on Thursdays.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in starting out a training regimen or switching up your current routine, Foothills Acceleration and Sports Training is a great place to start. Seek out one of our many Foothills Sports Medicine or FAST Valley-wide locations and have us help you improve on your fitness journey!

Greg Stein

BS, CSCS, CPT, USAW, TRX | North Scottsdale

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