6 Food Swaps to Make Yourself Healthier

Making small changes in your diet can help you look better, feel better and slim down. Smart solutions—or healthy food swaps, can save in unnecessary calories (goodbye carb overload) while still giving you the satisfaction of feeling full and fulfilled with your meals. Try one of these healthy food swaps this week.


Wade Haras, facility manager at FAST Old Town Scottsdale

Instead of: Gatorade

Try This: Your Own Post-Workout Drink

To make your own post workout carbohydrate drink/electrolyte drink, dilute 16 oz. of juice (apple or cranberry) by 50% and add ¼ cup lemon juice and a ¼ tsp of dissolved salt water. Replenishing carbohydrates after a workout is important to start the recovery process and set you up for enough energy for tomorrow’s workout.


Greg Stein, facility manager at FAST N. Scottsdale

Instead of: White Bread

Try This: Sprouted Grain Bread

Instead of having your sandwich or toast on “normal” breads like white or wheat, try Sprouted Grain Breads. Its bread made without flour and has grains, legumes and tons of healthy organic ingredients. Sprouted Grain Bread has more protein, fiber and vitamins/minerals to fuel your body while still tasting great. My favorite brand is Ezekiel—especially the cinnamon raisin flavor.


Kyle Schneider, facility manager at FAST Ahwatukee

Instead of: Pasta

Try This: Zoodles

We bought a vegetable spiralizer and have had fun making zucchini noodles (zoodles) in place of pasta noodles. Zoodles are a great stand-in for carb-heavy recipes.


Glenn Steele, facility manager at S. Gilbert

Instead of: French fries

Try This: Sweet Potato Fries

If it’s hard for you to give up French fries, then try an alternative solution (and just as delicious), sweet potato fries. Keep in mind, these can easily become unhealthy if you douse in oil, salt and dip into mayo and ketchup. Instead try lightly drizzling with avocado oil and season with herbs. Trust me, they’ll be so good you won’t even need a dipping sauce.


Kyle Decker, facility manager at FAST Arrowhead

Instead of: Bread Crumbs

Try This: Ground Flax Seed

Using ground flax seeds instead of bread crumbs is a way to add omega-3 fatty acids into your diet and also eliminate your sodium intake. Omega-3s help with things like joint pain and fighting heart disease, making it a staple to add into your routine.


Jonathan Castillo, facility manager at FAST Tempe

Instead of: Canola Oil

Try This: Coconut Oil

The ingredients you use to cook your food are just as important as what you eat. Coconut oil maintains its antioxidative properties under high heat and adds great flavor to any dish. And for easy use, there’s now coconut oil spray—which is a great way to cut down on usage (making it last longer) while still getting nonstick benefits.


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