7 Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

Healthy Thanksgiving Tips and Advice from Experts

During Thanksgiving, it’s easy to consume unhealthy foods, over-eat Grandma’s award-winning pie or slack off on working out. Our FAST Ahwatukee team of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists are here to share 7 tips for a healthier Thanksgiving.

Tip #1: Load up on vegetables.

Not sure what will be at your Thanksgiving? Call the host to inquire on the menu and offer to bring a healthy dish. No veggie tray? You can bring one! Another option is to try making a healthier twist on green bean casserole, or swap mashed potatoes for sweet potatoes. If you’re looking for other healthy food swap options, check out this Thanksgiving food swap blog.

Tip #2: Drink water.

Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Water can temporally suppress your appetite and help you burn more calories throughout the day.

Tip #3: Choose your meat wisely.

When it comes to enjoying turkey, choose white meat over dark meat. White meat has less fat, therefore it has less calories than dark meat.

Tip #4: Choose your pies wisely.

If given a choice, choose pumpkin pie over the others. Compared to pecan pie, pumpkin pie is far less calories. Also keep the toppings in mind. Choose whip cream over Cool Whip. Cool whip is artificially made and has more calories when comparing fat free Reddi whip and fat free cool whip.

Tip #5: Grab a smaller plate.

Chances are if your plate is smaller your serving size will be much smaller. Another good tip to avoid over eating is to leave the table and move around after you are done eating. If you sit at the table for long periods of time, your chances of continual grazing are much higher.

Tip #6: Be mindful of your alcohol intake.

If possible, skip the alcohol or keep in mind how much you are drinking. A glass of wine or beer has anywhere from 100-250 calories.

Tip #7: Don’t skip on your physical activity.

Make sure to get a workout in or at least a walk. Being active before the big meal helps to burn calories throughout the day and can help keep your goals in mind. Here is a workout you can do at your house or wherever you may be during this holiday: no equipment needed!

· 1 Minute plank

· 50 Jumping Jacks

· 25 Squats

· 15 Supermans

· 10 Push-Ups

· 5 Burpees

· Repeat 3-4x

What are you most excited for this holiday season? Whether it be spending time with your friends and family, enjoying homemade cranberry sauce atop your turkey, or watching the Macy’s Day Parade, we’re wishing you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! As always, our team of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists are here to help create a personal training workout plan to meet your fitness goals. Visit one of our 10 valleywide locations to learn more.

Kyle Schneider

CSCS | Ahwatukee

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