Morning Brew: How Do You Take Your Coffee?

Morning Brew-Nutritional Coffee Recipes

Coffee lovers, listen up. Before you hop in the line at Starbucks, it might be best to reconsider your coffee order. Frappuchinos and mochas often are full of calories, syrups and artificial sweeteners, which can leave you with a mid-morning sugar crash and an unhealthy way to start your day. The Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists at FAST are sharing how they take their coffee.


My favorite coffee is freshly grounded pour over coffee. I wake up every morning grind the beans and pour it over myself. It has a higher caffeine content and tastes better because I can choose the flavor of bean. Some mornings I will add a full fat cream and other days I will add brain octane oil to it for some added energy.

– Shane Anderson, FAST North Central Phoenix


Bullet proof coffee is my go to. The recipe is 1 cup fresh brew hot coffee, 2 tablespoons of non-salted butter and 1 tablespoon of MCT or coconut oil.

– Kyle Decker, FAST Arrowhead


I don’t drink coffee very often but when I do I’ll usually do between 8-12 ounces of black coffee with about an ounce of 2% milk and a teaspoon of brown sugar.  Black coffee is very good for us and when you don’t add a lot of milk, creamers, syrups or sugars can be very low calorie.  People tend to increase the calories a lot by adding in lots of flavor.

Coffee can help prevent against type 2 diabetes, liver disease, liver cancer and promotes a healthy heart. Drinking too much coffee however can have some adverse effects as well, such as more anxiety, depression and can disrupt your circadian rhythm.

– Travis Cummings, FAST South Chandler


I go with a cup of cold brew in the mornings to get me going.

– Nate Souza, FAST North Central Phoenix


I have never been a coffee or hot tea person, even in the morning. With being a very active person—both in my job and everyday life—I always make sure to drink plenty of water. The recommended amount of water needed is different for every individual.

We are continuously losing water. Thus, replacing it will help maintain our everyday bodily functions, keep you hydrated, help with muscle fatigue, and improve the overall health of your skin.

– Brandon Wood, FAST Litchfield Park


Other ways to take your coffee—without wrecking your diet; iced latte with almond milk, matcha latte, cold brew—just remember to hold syrups and artificial sweeteners. And if you’re not a coffee lover, give a hot or iced green tea a try.

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