Personal Training

Start Seeing Real Results

Personal Training

Receive one-on-one personal training with our strength and conditioning Coaches. Geared to exceed your goals, our workouts will help you maximize your calorie burn and intensify your workout. Under the direction of a certified personal trainer, you’re guaranteed to get results FAST!

Semi-Private Training

With semi-private training, you’ll work and sweat together in a small group setting to motivate, inspire and achieve the results you want. Semi-private training is a great, budget-friendly option for those who prefer to train in a group while still getting individualized attention.

For pricing, please call the FAST location you’re inquiring about.


At FAST, we offer an array of workouts and programs to help achieve your fitness goals.



Strength training isn’t just for bodybuilders—it can benefit people of all ages and fitness levels. Through a curated program, strength training can aid in muscle definition, developing better body mechanics, and even maintaining weight loss.



Burn calories longer after an intense HIIT session. HIIT is a great addition to your routine if you’re looking to torch calories and slim down. These high-intensity interval training sessions also help with boosting your endurance, which carries over to your runs, strength training, and other workouts.



Whether you’re an in-season athlete or are still aching after your last marathon, let our Strength and Conditioning experts create a recovery and stretching session to help you reap the benefits of recovery day and relieve those sore muscles.



You’ve recently completed your physical therapy program. Now what? Our Strength and Conditioning coaches work closely with our physical therapy team to deliver functional and transitional rehabilitation programs.

What You Can Expect at FAST

  1. You can expect to be coached by an experienced trainer. Our trainers have advanced education and experience with all walks of life.
  2. Discussion of previous or current training methods.
  3. Discussion & development plan of short & long-term fitness goals.
  4. Assessment of your current fitness level.
  5. Functional Movement Screening (FMS) includes posture analysis.
  6. Receive training on injury prevention.
  7. Workouts that are challenging but perfect for your fitness level and aligned with your goals.

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