Ways to Combat Muscle Soreness

After a grueling #poweredbyFAST workout, your muscles may feel sore. Try one of these five tips to combat muscle soreness and help your muscles recover—FAST!

Wade Haras, facility manager at FAST Old Town Scottsdale
Try adding turmeric to your routine. Turmeric contains the active ingredient curcumin, which is an antioxidant that demonstrates anti-inflammatory properties in conditions such as arthritis, muscle sprains and other injuries. Sip on some turmeric golden milk after a workout or mix it with water and apply to a sore area to accelerate the healing process.

Brandon Wood, facility manager at Litchfield Park
Foam rolling is great to aid in the muscle recovery process. Not only does it help to loosen up joints, it helps to relieve knots and is a form of myofascial release. At FAST, we offer stretching sessions to help reap the benefits of recovery day.

David Flanigan, facility manager at Surprise
Muscle soreness is not necessarily an indicator of a good workout. In fact, muscle soreness can impair athletic ability so should be kept to a minimum. To do this you should warm-up properly, progress workouts gradually, be careful when introducing new exercises into the workout, and train regularly.

Taking taurine and BCAA supplements before and after your workout can help alleviate muscle soreness. Recommended doses are 2 grams of taurine and 3.2 grams of BCAA’s three times a day.

Greg Stein, facility manager at North Scottsdale
I’m personally a huge believer in massage based techniques, so when I’m sore I always default to my foam roller! Spending 5-10 minutes ‘rolling out’ or massaging my sore muscles can make a world of difference. It helps to stimulate our mechanoreceptors, desensitize pain, realign our misaligned fibers and can enhance blood flow. All this leading to less soreness and a quicker recovery process.

Jonathan Castillo, facility manager at Tempe
On training days, end your night with foam rolling and stretching followed by a cold shower. This will prep your body for a relaxing and restorative sleep.

If you have ongoing or continued muscle soreness it may be time to turn to physical therapy. Visit Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy for a FREE injury assessment and to get you back on the road to recovery.

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