Summer Sports Training Programs For Young Athletes

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Every child should have the opportunity to play a sport. Sports help us develop social skills, problem-solving, learning to work with others, and, most importantly, building athleticism and a healthy lifestyle. As an exercise professional, it is my job to assist athletes and parents in navigating the road to development.

Developing the Athlete Within for Long-term Success

Too often today, we see kids specializing in one sport leading to frequent or overuse injuries and burnout. My goal is to help them learn the skills and fundamentals of being an athlete, such as agility, balance, coordination, power, and endurance. These skills will set them up for long-term success.

The Advantages of Playing Multiple Sports

Today we see more specialization at younger ages. Kids are playing one sport on multiple teams for an entire year. Many leading fitness and medical associations recommend playing a specific sport for less than eight months out of the year, playing on one team at a time, and maintaining proper recovery time for the athlete’s bodies. Playing multiple sports will help develop physical advantages such as improved motor skills, strength, and aerobic fitness. This will also enhance socialization skills by meeting new kids and learning to cope with new personalities. My job is to help develop a performance program that is safe, scientific, and designed for the individual to ensure the best outcome and long-term success.

Maximizing Athletic Performance While Reducing Injury

Young athlete with jumping exercises in gymCertified Personal Trainers and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists should develop a program that will maximize an athlete’s performance while reducing injury potential. These professionals will oversee the athlete’s progressions and ability to withstand the program and fitness regime’s demands. Using evidence-based training methods and current research, a performance coach will not only set their athlete up for long-term successes but lifelong healthy habits. Building a well-rounded athletic base will, in return, build long-term success for the athlete. Too often, success is measured in playing time and winning. I measure my successes in long-term changes in my athlete’s health and habits.

Train With a Purpose

Our youth should be active and participate in sports (multiple sports if they have the desire). I also feel they should run, jump, crawl and climb as much as possible. Building long-term success in our athletes by providing them with supervised, progressive training programs that are functional will build their athletic abilities and confidence and help decrease their chances of injury and offer long-term healthy lifestyles. As a parent, coach, performance professional, or athlete, I urge you to play, train with a purpose, and look for long-term success in life.

FAST Youth Summer Sports Performance Program

Olympic lifting weights on sledNo matter your child’s sport, summer is the perfect time to develop their skills and learn the fundamentals of being an athlete by improving strength, speed, agility, and power. Foothills Acceleration and SportsTraining¬† (FAST) offers a summer sports performance program for kids ages 8+, college, and professional levels. Our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist incorporates a properly designed and supervised program to help young athletes improve performance, compete, and reduce injury. These skills will build confidence, help prevent injuries, and set them up for long-term success. For more information or to sign up, check out the program at

Kyle Decker

ATC, CSCS | Arrowhead

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