AZ Sports Medicine: Achieve Fitness Goals with FAST

Post attributed to Jeff Bloom, AT, CSCS

Foothills Acceleration & Sports Training (FAST) seeks to provide programs for athletes looking to improve in a specific sport and/or improve their overall fitness ability. The FAST program offers an opportunity for athletes to gain comprehensive AZ sports medicine training, helping them reach their full potential. From young and developing athletes to peak performing professionals, our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists are able to give athletes the upper hand in whatever sport they want to master.

This summer, FAST has been helping hundreds of athlete’s prepare for their upcoming sports seasons. At each of our 10 valley wide locations, athletes involved in every sport are lifting weights, performing agility drills, and increasing their cardio vascular endurance so they can be as prepared as possible when their season arrives. Every day these athletes come in for hour-long workouts with our professionals and compete with other athletes from across the Valley.

Every athlete is put through a comprehensive evaluation before any training takes place. This evaluation is designed to address areas of weakness and target areas for improvement. Once that is complete, their program is designed and they get to work. Our Sports Performance Training Program is specifically designed to help athletes build explosive power, increase vertical jump, gain core strength, improve balance, and enhance flexibility and mobility. Whether you’re a soccer player looking to improve your balance or a football athlete looking to build strength, we create individualized programs to suit your needs. All of our training takes place in small groups to ensure every athlete receives the attention they deserve. Whether you’re a youth athlete or a professional, FAST can help you make the improvements needed to become the best athlete you can be.

FAST is one of the premier training facilities in the Valley and we take great pride in the results we produce. Below are the average results of last summer’s athletes:

  • Vertical Jump: 2.40 inch increase
  • Broad Jump (Double Leg): 5.20 inch increase
  • Broad Jump (Single Leg): 7.50 inch increase
  • 40 yard dash: .60 second decrease
  • 20 yard dash: .40 second decrease
  • 10 yard dash: .10 second decrease
  • Pro Agility: .70 second decrease
  • Push-ups: 16 rep increase

It’s not too late to get in and make the improvements needed to have a successful season! To find out which program is the best fit for you, simply schedule a free fitness evaluation at any of our FAST locations throughout the valley. This evaluation will help us guide you in making the right fitness choices. To learn more about AZ sports medicine and what our certified physical therapists and trainers can do for you, check out the FAST blog.

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