Athletic Stretch Session

One-on-One Assisted Stretch

Achieve life-changing results for your body—greater mobility, better functionality, enhanced performance, and less pain with consistent stretch sessions at FAST. Our Certified Stretch Specialists work on various muscles, joints, and the body’s fascial system, resulting in increased muscle control and range of motion. Whether you suffer from chronic pain and inflammation, need athletic recovery, or want to relax, feel better, and do more, assisted stretching is for you!

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Sessions are $30 for 30 minutes and are customized to your goals.


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Top Benefits of Stretching:


Improves Performance

Stretching improves your range of motion, helping you to achieve athletic goals such as maximum speed or fully extending and rotating your hips.


Improves Posture

When you stretch, you loosen the tight muscles in your torso and back; over time, your spine will stay in proper alignment, which makes it easier to sit or stand straight.


Improves Mobility & Flexibilty

Stretching regularly lengthens your muscles and helps prevent injuries.


Decreases Recovery Time

Stretching accelerates the healing process due to increased blood flow.


Relieves Stress

Stretching releases endorphins which make you feel happy, calm, and relaxed.


Reduces Pain

Stretching relieves stiffness in your joints and improves blood circulation to the muscles and joints.

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