You’ve heard it before—breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When people think of breakfast, sugar-filled cereals, donuts and muffins often come to mind. Although these may be quick solutions and help satisfy your sweet tooth—they’re not the best option for your diet. Our FAST managers dish on their go-to breakfast staples to ensure a healthy start to their diet and day.


Nate Souza, facility manager at N. Central Phoenix

I love to do omelets for breakfast. I mix different veggies and fruits for added nutritional benefits. Mushrooms, bell peppers, and avocados are a few of my favorites. With the mixture of eggs, fruits and veggies, you get a great blend of nutrients, protein and good fats to start your day off right.


Shane Anderson, facility manager at N. Central Phoenix

Every morning I have 6-7 raw eggs mixed with unsweetened almond milk. Simply pour into a glass, stir and drink. Eggs take on whatever flavor you add to them, so it ends up tasting like almond milk.

Why raw? It saves time and like most foods, eggs lose some nutrition benefits when they are cooked. For example, if I’d cook 5 eggs—I basically lose the nutrition value of one of the eggs, so I try to get all the nutritional value out of the egg that I can.


Travis Cummings, facility manager at S. Chandler

Breakfast sandwiches are my go-to. They take about 10 minutes or less to prep and provide a great source of protein, carbs and fat. I use an English muffin or sandwich thin for bread, 2 over-easy eggs, a slice of cheese and 2 slices of deli meat (turkey, chicken or ham). On the weekends, I’ll dress it up a bit more by adding tomatoes or avocados.


Brandon Wood, facility manager at Litchfield Park

If you were a fan of PB & J as a kid, then you’re in luck! Most mornings I take two slices of 9 grain (or any whole wheat bread) and add a bit of peanut butter on one slice. Add a cut up banana between the two slices and enjoy! Not only is it a filling breakfast, but you get the benefits of whole wheat and whole grains which contain healthy vitamins. Additionally, you get the benefits of potassium and fiber from the banana! Just make sure you’re grabbing an all-natural peanut butter—or even give almond butter a try.


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