We have been proud to serve our clients virtually over the last 6 weeks but are happy to announce that our FAST  clinics will fully re-open on Monday May 18th! The safety of our clients and staff are the highest priority, so you will notice some changes at your next visit.

In an effort to follow CDC and other health authority guidelines, we have implemented the following procedures:


The client’s temperature will be taken before each workout session


All clients should use hand sanitizer before their workout session


All in-clinic sessions are by appointment only and are limited based on available space


A limited number of staff and clients will be allowed in the workout area at one time


We will provide contactless check-in for each client


Any equipment used will be sanitized before and after each workout session

As you know, we have always maintained a personal and small group training environment, and are accustomed to routinely cleaning the workout equipment. We feel this experience will create a safe and healthy environment and allow you to easily resume your in-person training with us.

We appreciate the opportunity to train with you and can’t wait to see you back in the clinic. Click here to request an appointment.

Enjoying a smoothie after a great workout is one way to fuel the body and start the recovery process. Sometimes knowing what should go in that smoothie can be challenging. Just like a balanced meal is what we may be striving for in our day to day eating a balanced smoothie is just the same. We want a good balance of protein, carbs, fats, fruits, and vegetables.

With building a balanced smoothie we need to have an easy to follow step by step process to ensure we use quality ingredients that are health conscious.

Step One:

Choose a liquid and preferably one not loaded with sugar like fat-free cow’s milk, unsweetened almond/coconut milk, water or green tea would all be great options.

Step Two:

Choose a protein powder such as whey, casein, egg or a plant source such as rice or peas.

Step Three:

Choose a vegetable that is either super green in color or one that mixes easily. One that we recommend would be spinach, pumpkin or celery.

Step Four:

Choose a healthy fat such as pecans, walnuts, all-natural peanut butter, and chia or flax seeds.

Step Five:

Choose a healthy fruit such as frozen berries, frozen cherries, apples or bananas.

Step Six:

Choose a topper for some added flavor such as shredded unsweetened coconut, cinnamon or plain yogurt.

Using these step by step processes can ensure you a healthy and balanced shake! For more information on healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle contact our FAST trainers today for a free fitness assessment! 

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