Summer is official here, which means it’s time to escape the Phoenix heat and enjoy a summer vacation. Whether you’re traveling up north to Flagstaff or jet-setting to a beach, our FAST managers are here to help you maintain your summer body that you’ve worked long and hard for. Kick back, relax, pack your summer reading material and give one of these traveling workout tips a try.


Brandon Wood, facility manager at FAST Litchfield Park:

Don’t let your healthy eating habits take a vacation while you do. It’s easy to lose track while on vacation. With a little effort (and willpower), you can maintain your healthy habits. Try tracking the amount of calories you consume through

If you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort, fill your plate up with lots of veggies and fruit with every meal. And after all, you’re on vacation, so treat yourself to your favorite dessert—just don’t eat the whole cake.


Kyle Schneider, facility manager at FAST Ahwatukee:

Try utilizing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to minimize the amount of time you have to train, while still getting great cardiovascular benefits. Talk to your FAST manager before heading out on vacation so they can recommend a few effective HIIT routines.


Greg Stein, facility manager at FAST North Scottsdale:

When I’m traveling and end up stuck in a hotel without a gym, I do my squat/pushup workout that only requires my bodyweight and 2 square feet of space! I do 20 squats, 20 pushups, 19 squats and 19 pushups and continue the trend all the way down to 1 repetition of each. Try it to keep active while traveling or before you head out to the beach with a nice ‘pump’!


Wade Haras, facility manager at FAST Old Town Scottsdale:

When traveling it’s a good idea to eat when you’re not hungry, so you don’t wait too long and over eat. Try packing a nutrition bar and nibble on it between meals.


Shane Anderson, facility manager at FAST N. Central Phoenix:

Hit some sprints on the beach! The sand makes for easier impact on the joints and now you won’t feel so guilty having those drinks by the ocean.


Kyle Decker, facility manager at FAST Arrowhead:

When traveling by air, pack fresh veggies and fruit or your favorite bar to keep you satisfied. I always keep an RXBar on hand for traveling.


Jonathan Castillo, facility manager at FAST Tempe:

Stay hydrated while flying! Bring an empty water bottle to fill after you get through TSA to avoid purchasing water at the airport. Spend your money on vacation instead of overpriced water.


Travis Cummings, facility manager at FAST S. Chandler:

I like to find other studio gyms similar to ours while I’m on vacation to get a workout in a new environment. The new environment and different equipment help create a great workout. If I can’t find a gym, I make sure to plan a hike or two and throw in push-ups when I can on the trail.


Ramon Zambrano, trainer at FAST Surprise:

It is that time of the year when you put on sunscreen, fill up the coolers, pack your bags, get together with friends and family, and explore the wonderful sceneries of Arizona. Whether it is hiking the Grand Canyon, Wet Beaver Creek, Fossil Creek, or Sedona, try adding in a couple air squats or pushups along the trail. Most importantly, keep moving and don’t forget to stay hydrated.


Glenn Steele, facility manager at FAST S. Gilbert:

When packing your bags, don’t forget to pack workout clothes, tennis shoes, sunscreen and a water bottle. Having these at easy disposal will give you that push to squeeze in a workout while on vacation.


So there you have it, 10 tips to help you stay active on your summer vacation. Let us know which tip works best for you—and most importantly, soak up your summer vacation with your friends and family.

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