The Benefits of Team Training

Sports performance training can help you and your team be better players.

At FAST, we offer personal training, group fitness, and sports performance training. Many athletes prefer to come in and train with us in our facility, but we also offer off-site training. Our off-site team training programs are focused improving speed, agility, strength, explosiveness, mobility and more. At North Central Phoenix FAST, we have the privilege of working off-site with many high schools and club teams throughout the valley.

Specifically, we have been put in charge of the strength and conditioning program of two local boys’ basketball programs. Both are year-round programs that help keep the team in-shape during the season, and help build strength and agility during the off-season.

In the last couple of years that we have been working with these schools, they have seen incredible improvement in their strength, explosiveness and competitiveness. We have recorded an average increase of 30lbs in bench press, and 60lbs in front squat and back squat in their first year of training. On average, we tend to see an increase of 2.5 inches in the vertical jump and 9 inches in the broad jump. These are very good improvements for these exercises considering their regular playing season and FAST training overlap. Not only do the players play for the school, but many participate in club teams during their off season.

The results of our sports performance training are evident as we have seen improvements in both teams since we began working with them. In 2014, one of our valley schools went from not being a playoff team, to contending for the state title in 2015, to winning the state title in 2016! They are training now to defend their title next year. We began working with a second high school in 2015, after which they went on to double their win total in 2016. Currently, they are training to outperform next year. We love to see how our training programs help each team to reach their goals.

Our training isn’t the sole reason these teams made incredible improvements to their win record, but it helps the teams to realize their full potential in the game. If you want to try team training, contact your local FAST location to learn more about our on-site sports performance training for teams.

Nate Souza

MS, CSCS, SSN, USAW 1 | North Central Phoenix

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