Health, Wellness and Nutrition Tips

Summer Sports Training Programs For Young Athletes

Kyle Decker
May 13, 2022

Every child should have the opportunity to play a sport. Sports help us develop social skills, probl...

Workouts From the Comfort of Your Home

Kaylee Rhoades
May 5, 2022

Whether you are home, traveling, or anywhere in between, exercise should be incorporated into your d...

Olympic Lifting for the Everyday Athlete: The Power Clean

Jeff Placencia
April 24, 2022

In honor of the Tokyo 2020 (2021) Olympics, this post is dedicated to a personal favorite of mine: t...

6 Tips to Turn Your Resolutions into Results

FAST Trainers
December 22, 2021

The holidays are over and people have made their resolutions, many to get fit in the new year. The g...

The Power of Implementing a Morning Routine

FAST Trainers
August 17, 2021

The morning routine is a major buzzword right now in the wellness and fitness industry. And if you a...

We’re Here for You!

FAST Trainers
December 6, 2020

At FAST there is nothing more important to us than your health and well-being, and we are open to se...

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