Five Benefits of Joining a Running Group

Joining a running group in phoenix has many benefits.

It’s that time of year again: running season. Running season is a time where thousands of people across the state hit the pavement in preparation for their fall, winter, and spring running events, and if you’re anything like me, it’s also the time where we can get outside and enjoy the cooler temperatures in Arizona. You may have already seen runners passing through your neighborhood, as individuals or in large groups. Joining a running group in Phoenix can have huge benefits for your life and your sport. In this blog post, I’m going to touch on five reasons why joining a running group might be the right training for you.

  1. Accountability

Life will give you so many reasons to skip out on a solo run, from hitting the snooze button one too many times to making dinner. If you wanted, you can create a reason for every hour of the day to skip out on your much needed cardio time. Alternatively, imagine having a group of running comrades waiting on you to begin their workout. Joining a running group gives individuals a sense of obligation and therefore makes them less likely to miss their training for the day.

  1. Consistency

Like most things in life, consistency will also yield the best results in running. Running groups usually have weekly, or sometimes daily training, and provide you with a specific and structured running plan according to the length of race you plan on participating in. Through this structure and organization, you’ll feel confident knowing what your weekly running goals are, and you will have a clear understanding of what benchmarks you should be hitting leading up to race day.

  1. Social Interaction

Just like being on a sports team, a running group gives you a sense of camaraderie with your running companions. These friendships help to motivate you to push through tough stretches and maintain a consistent pace in your race. Additionally, some group fitness programs, like the running program here at Foothills, offer several social outings throughout the season.

  1. Access to Performance Coaches

Many running groups operate out of a fitness facility or work closely with coaches who design the running program. Having access to a coach is a great resource for runners. They offer a wealth of knowledge and can recommend extra training options to help you reach your goals.

  1. Access to Your Peers’ Knowledge

Joining a running group could be a valuable resource to you simply because of the people that make up the group. You can learn about what gear they are wearing, their nutrition plans, their training programs, and what gadgets they’re using to get the most out of their runs. Furthermore, you can compare performance stats like personal records (PRs), times, and pace to see how you match up. Every runner has their own experience and techniques, being in a running group is a great opportunity to learn what those are and see what works for you.

At FAST, we manage a running group in Phoenix that is currently going into its 12th season. We welcome participants of all ages, abilities, and running styles. Our program caters to anyone in the valley, and lasts 16 weeks. The program is designed to help with preparation for winter running events in California and here in Arizona.

Membership includes Saturday morning runs, Tuesday evening speed workouts, one fitness class at any of our 10 FAST locations, a dri-fit running shirt, group social events, and discounts at Sole Sports. This year the program kicks off on August 19 at the Ahwatukee location.

Let FAST get you ready for your next running event and join us for our 12th annual running group season. For more information on our running group please this page.


Jonathan Castillo

PES, CPT, USAW, Crossfit L1 | Ahwatukee

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