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Our team of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists enjoy helping all levels of athletes and members within the Ahwatukee community. Recently awarded ‘Best Personal Trainer’ and runner up for ‘Best Place to Work Out,’ the FAST team continues to push the envelope when it comes to training and helping their clients reach their fitness goals. The Ahwatukee location is also home to the Foothills Running Group that kicks off each year in the fall.

1:1 personal training: $60/ session or $1,100 for 20 sessions

* Call or email for small group personal training prices. 

Sports Performance Training: $25/session or $400 for 20 sessions.

Our Team

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Jeff Bloom

Jeff Bloom, AT, CSCS

Education: Western Illinois University

After moving to Phoenix from Chicago, Jeff helped cultivate the FAST program from the ground up. Jeff has decades of experience, training youth, college, and professional athletes involved in every sport. He has also served on the Athletic Training staff for the St. Louis Rams.

When Jeff’s not working, you can find him running trails or enjoying a hike. Jeff founded the Foothills Running Group in 2005 and enjoys spending the fall training with the greater Ahwatukee running community.

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John Barno


Northern Arizona University

Johnny has participated in football, baseball, and track and field (decathlon). While he has a special interest in sports training for high school and college athletes, Johnny enjoys helping all of his clients reach their goals by creating customized training plans and encouraging consistency. Outside of work, you can find Johnny spending time with his family and rollerblading.

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Kyle Schneider


Education: University of Wisconsin—La Crosse

Kyle has worked his way from intern to manager with FAST in Ahwatukee. He thoroughly enjoys investing his time to help his clients reach their goals. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, cycling, playing ice hockey, and spending time with his family.

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Ainsley Durning


Arizona State University

Ainsley has been involved in track and field sports since middle school. She found a love for powerlifting during high school and has been competing at meets since 2017. Ainsley holds state records for her division and believes that a passion for your sport is the key to success, along with a lot of dedication and discipline. Ainsley describes her training style as “fundamental,” as she focuses on building from the bottom up. She strives to meet every client where they are and build on their strength, coordination, and agility at a manageable pace.

In Ainsley's spare time, she likes to cook, bake, make jewelry, write, and of course, powerlifting!

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Curtis Hill


Grand Canyon University

Curtis served in the United States Army for eight years, played Division 1 club lacrosse at Jacksonville University, and is a Certified US Soccer Referee. Curtis describes his training style as one that emphasizes hard work while maintaining a positive atmosphere. He strives to help people achieve their goals and make a difference in the community. In his spare time, Curtis enjoys playing soccer, lacrosse, basketball, traveling, and reading.

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