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Our Team

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Wade Haras


Education: Springfield College

Wade enjoys working with all types of athletes and focuses training on injury prevention, metabolic conditioning, and nutrition. He created the Springfield College Bodybuilding Club, which still exists at the school today.

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Leo Lopez


Education: Arizona State University

Leo has strong beliefs in establishing sound fundamental and functional movements, and is a strong advocate for tracking progression. He has a strong passion for seeing his clients and athletes grow and succeed as individuals.

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DeeAndre Moore

BS, CPT, Pn1

DeeAndre has a variety of experience working within the Exercise Science field. He enjoys working with both young athletes and rehab patients, as well as everything in between. With experiences in hospital settings, college athletics and corporate fitness, he is very confident in his abilities to apply the proper training to achieve each individuals goals and needs.

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Briana Schulte


Education: West Virginia Wesleyan College

Bri enjoys teaching resistance training and movement techniques to increase clients’ functional strength and mobility. Her attention is on helping clients establish enjoyable movement practices personalized to meet their lifestyle needs.

Class Schedule

Personal training and Sports Performance training available by appointment.

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