Phoenix Summer Farmers’ Market Finds

Phoenix Summer Farmers Market Finds

Eating seasonally is a great way to ensure you’re eating fresh. It’s also a great way to get to know the local farmers in the valley. Today, we’re sharing 4 summer farmers’ market finds and how to know if they’re ripe and ready to enjoy. And if you’re looking for a local market near you, check out this site.


Swiss Chard

An often overlooked vegetable is swiss chard. It can be used in many meals, such as a replacement for a whole wheat wrap or chop it up and enjoy in a fresh salad or smoothie. When you’re at the farmers’ market, pick a bunch that’s crisp like a celery stick—that will give you a few extra days to enjoy it before it starts to go bad.


Corn on the Cob

A summer staple, corn on the cob can easily be found at summer farmers’ markets across the valley. When picking out your corn, make sure the husk is green or yellow. If the husks are dry, it means the corn is overripe.



From heirloom to your typical tomato—you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Try making your own marinara sauce instead of buying store bought, which usually happens to have added preservatives and unwanted sugar. When picking out the perfect tomato, look for a bright green stem.



And a summer farmers’ market run couldn’t be complete without watermelon. When searching for the perfect watermelon, give it a knock. If it sounds hollow, that means it’s ripe and ready! Watermelon is a great way to curb your sweet tooth, especially after a long day in the sun.


If you’re ready to hit the Phoenix farmers’ market but need some recipe inspiration first, head over to our Pinterest board full of healthy meals, snacks and smoothies.

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