What is GORUCK? To put it simple, “rucking” is going for a walk while carrying weight. Most notably associated with military rucks, GORUCK produces military-grade rucksacks along with a slew of other tactical gear. GORUCK is also known for their grueling, Special Forces-led challenges. GORUCK challenges consist of either the Light Challenge (4-5 hours, 7-10 miles), Tough Challenge (10-12 hours, 15-20 miles), or the Heavy Challenge (24+ hours, 40+ miles). These challenges aren’t like Spartan Races or Tough Mudders. Instead, every participant is required to carry weight in their ruck (20 lbs. for those weighing less than 150lbs and 30 lbs. for those weighing more than 150 lbs.) during the entirety of the challenge. There is no pre-mapped route and you don’t know what kind of obstacles your Special Forces Cadre will throw at you.

During a challenge, you are teamed up with about 20 to 30 other people. Most of these people are complete strangers but will become your closest friends once the challenge is completed. GORUCK strongly promotes teamwork and camaraderie; you’ll need both in order to finish. As physically exhausting as a challenge may seem, the GORUCK challenge is equal parts mentally exertive. Cadre will test your mental focus throughout the course of a challenge. If a single person fails, whether it be a mental slip up or shorting yourself during a workout, the whole team will suffer. Henceforth, the importance of keeping a “team before me” mentality is vital for completion.

Training for a GORUCK challenge involves the same mentality as you would need during the challenge itself. You’ll be tested the first hour or so, aptly named the “Welcoming Party”, with a plethora of physical training. This goes from basic squats all the way to bear crawling while dragging your ruck or a sandbag. Your training preparation prior to your challenge will greatly benefit you not just during the “Welcoming Party” but for the entirety of the challenge itself.

An example of a GORUCK training session would look like:

5 Rounds:

  • 10 Sandbag Zercher Squats
  • 10 Shoulder Presses with Ruck
  • 10 Lunges with Ruck (each leg)
  • 10 Push Ups with Ruck
  • 10 yard Bear Crawl
  • Rest 2:00 between Rounds

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps of:

  • Sandbag Clean and Press
  • Burpees
  • 10:00 Minutes of Step-Ups with Ruck

Completing a GORUCK challenge is a very empowering feeling. The sensation of doing something you once thought impossible will resonate into other avenues of your life. Interested in training for a GORUCK challenge or would like to learn more? Contact Jeff Placencia at our Old Town Scottsdale location. Happy rucking!

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