What to Expect at FAST

Why Train at FAST?


No Contracts or Membership Fees

Whether you pay as you go or purchase a package, you’ll never have to worry about recurring membership fees.


No Gym Crowds

We are appointment-based, so our gyms are not overcrowded like many others at prime times.


Experienced Trainers

Our Trainers have advanced education and experience with all walks of life and are backed by Physical Therapists.



Trainers will track and develop a plan for short & long-term fitness goals.



Trainers perform reoccurring assessments of your fitness level. A Functional Movement Screen will also be included.


Injury Prevention

Every session is aimed to educate on preventing injuries.

Motivation loves company. Join FAST!


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Foothills Acceleration and Sports Training (FAST) is empowered by Foothills Therapy Partners (FTP).